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SMS  < GATI >  to 9223 05 06 07 to see how 2 Way SMS Works.
Contact US on +91-9929604179, 9314946469 to get 2 Way SMS DEMO Account UserID and Password.
We are providing 2 WAY SMS on Global Virtual Number based on SMSC, which can handle potentially huge incoming traffic, instantly, at very Economical Rates. Here are few quick tips which will help you best understand and use FUTURE INFOTECH 2 Way SMS Services:
User’s Guide – Quick Tips:
Long Code (10 digit global virtual number) based on SMSC is configured directly on operator's telecom grade server for forwarding incoming messages to our SMS Gateway. This is unlike other providers providing Long Code services using SIM card and GSM modem or cell phone connected to server, which hardly guarantees any reliability.

Our web based control panel has the facility to create number of sub-Keywords (referred to as Phrase) on the Keyword owned by Client.


Type in the new Phrase,  on Setup Page, to create and configure new Phrase under the selected Keyword.


Client can configure both Keyword and Phrase(s) for handling incoming SMS (Pull SMS), distinctly.

The service is bundled with state-of-art free web based control panel to create, configure and manage number of sub-keywords. The incoming messages can be viewed in Inbox and downloaded in Excel sheet for processing by your applications. Moreover, the control panel offers number of options for handling of incoming message with:
Static Response: This may be used to send product features or contact and/or payment details.
Setup Poll: Setup your custom options for poll on Keyword or Sub-Keyword for opinion polls or client/prospect profiling. Poll result may be sent back over SMS to participant. Poll results would be downloadable in Excel. Different charting options would be available to view or publish the poll results.

Forward to URL: Forward incoming SMS text (along with Phone No, Keyword, Sub-Keyword, Parameter, etc) to your web application and the custom response from this URL would be sent as reply SMS to the sender. This can be used to probe database based on the parameter present in the incoming SMS and send the requested information to the sender by reply SMS.

Parameters passed to URL is ?PhNo=$PhNo&Key=$Keyword&Phrase=$Sub-Keyword&Param=$Parm&FullMsg=$FullMsgText
Forward by SMS : Setup forwarding of incoming message to mobile number(s) to enable your mobile team member(s), on move, to get in touch with prospective clients instantly.
Forward by E-mail : Setup forwarding of incoming message to required e-mail address. Incoming e-mails may be processed automatically by auto-respondent or may be processed manually.
Case Studies of 2 Way SMS:
1. Educational Institute may use 2 Way SMS to publish Results. Student may send SMS like “SSCResult 3465432”. This message contains Keyword - “SSCRetult” and Parameter – 3465432 (RollNo). The incoming SMS (PULL SMS) would be posted to Institute's Web application which will use student’s RollNo from the incoming SMS to lookup database and post text reply which, in turn, is sent back, thru reply SMS by FUTURE INFOTECH server.

2. Commodity brokers may use 2 Way SMS to setup system to provide Commodity rates, in real time to its client through SMS. For instance, M/s XYZ Stocks and Commodity Services wants to use 2 Way SMS service to provide Gold and Silver rates to its clients. The firm purchases keyword “XYZ” on shared code 2 Way SMS service, and creates Sub-Keywords “Gold” and “Silver”. Clients may send SMS “XYZ Gold” or “XYZ Silver” to get latest rates of Gold or Silver in reply SMS.
Other Examples of 2 Way SMS Applications:
1. SMS to e-mail service.
2. Request Event Time Table.
3. Sales and Lead Management System.
4. Consignment / Courier / Parcel Tracking.
5. Complaint Submission with consumer number.
6. Any type of automated Booking / Queuing system.
7. Cricket Score, Stock, Currency, and Commodity pricing.
8. Vehicle Tracking System by sending Vehicle Number in PULL SMS.
9. Product Information Features and Sales Locations may be requested by sending SMS.
10. Utility meter reading or any other data may be transmitted and updated on server using PULL SMS.
Contact US on +91-9929604179, 9314946469 to get 2 Way SMS DEMO Account UserID and Password.
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